Fraser Coast Tours & Attractions

Fraser Island

Fraser Island lies just south of the last of the Great Barrier Reef’s coral cays and stretches for 123km and spans 166,000 hectares. The island is composed almost entirely of sand built up from tidal action over more than 700,000 years – the world’s oldest recorded dune building sequence. Words cannot really capture the emotion of seeing and experiencing features of Fraser Island like the white sands and aqua lakes, ancient rainforests growing in seemingly infertile sands, the purity of the water flowing in its many creeks we can go on and on, just like the seemingly endless beaches.

The sand clings to the island’s two rocky outcrops – Indian Head and Waddy Point – creating vast beaches and dunal systems, including remarkable cliffs of coloured sands. Fraser’s unique landscapes and evolving dune, lake, soil and forest systems led to the island being listed as a world heritage area in 1992.

Freshwater fills more than 40 pristine lakes, swampy wetlands and flows over sandy creek beds. The largest of these is Eli Creek, which pumps over 4 million litres an hour into the ocean.

Fraser Island Fishing

Grab your fishing gear and follow the stunning sheltered coastline of the Fraser Coast where you will discover some of the best fishing in Australia and charming seaside villages.

Kilometres of peaceful north facing beaches, protected by prevailing winds from Fraser Island, stretch from Burrum Heads to Tinnanbar. National parks nestle into much of the shoreline.

Be it whiting along the many beaches, creeks and rivers to red emperor on the off shore reefs, or marlin and sailfish for the big game enthusiasts around the top of Fraser Island, the Fraser Coast houses almost every fish and offers almost every fishing experience that anglers dream of. But just don’t take our word for it.

Whale Watching

Whale watching is a popular activity along the east coast as the whales migrate, but Hervey Bay is the only place you’ll enjoy viewing the whales “up close and personal” - at play and not on the move!

These 'great whales' weigh up to 45 tonnes and are between 10 and 15 metres long. The calves weigh around a tonne at birth and drink a phenomenal 600 litres of milk each day. As some of the more active whales, the humpback’s exhibit a variety of behaviours from the simple 'blow' to tail slapping, waving their pectoral fins, and the spectacular 'breach', the most sought-after photograph by visitors.

Whale watching tour options to the sheltered waters of Platypus Bay, between the mainland resort town of Hervey Bay and Fraser Island include dawn trips, fast half day tours to full day tours.

Fraser Coast Markets

Every Thursday, Maryborough’s city centre undergoes an amazing transformation into a colourful outdoor heritage bazaar.Wander around over 120 stalls with an amazing array of farm fresh produce and unique wares.

Original hand-made craft, homemade treats, artwork, jewellery, clothes, accessories, natural beauty products and gorgeous cut flowers. Meet a cast of characters in historical dress, including the Town Crier, and hear the firing of the historic time cannon at 1pm. Soak up the atmosphere of music and entertainers and enjoy weekly giveaways.

Enjoy hot food stalls, relax at an inner city café or find wonderful condiments and gourmet pantry items to take home.